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Tour Bus Rental for Your Next Event


Seeing America by tour bus is one of the great pleasures afforded by our national roadways, particularly in gentler months when the landscape makes its gifts plain. If you're part of a group looking to book tour bus travel, you may have noticed how difficult it can be to get accurate tour bus rental pricing in a hurry.

Spending hours on the road can be a truly enjoyable experience, if, of course, you choose the right tour bus company. You'll want to zoom down our nation's highways in a comfortable vehicle, one that offers amenities like bathrooms, DVD players and other extras.

Here at Charter Bus America, we give you an easy way to choose from among all the available tour buses in your area.

There is a significant difference between basic nylon seating and the kind of plush, upholstered chairs that make every tour bus feel a little more like first class.

Depending on your group size and budget, you might find that the added comfort is worth the price - particularly if you plan to spend long stretches of time in transit.

When you book here, you get access to hundreds of companies nationwide, including some smaller outfits whose rates and availability you might have otherwise missed. As long as you can put together an itinerary, we can find you a tour bus.

Tour Buses Advantage

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The chief advantage of touring by bus is that you can save considerable funds and make the journey itself part of the trip's adventure. Instead of shelling out hundreds a head for a berth on a major airline, you can "own" your own transport, so to speak, and travel in style as a cogent whole. Many groups tell us they would never see America any other way.

Charter Bus America is perfect for schools, businesses, religious organizations, weddings and anyone who needs mass transport for a dedicated itinerary. Please don't hesitate to try the handy quote engine today if you want to learn more. You may find something that makes the whole trip worthwhile for everyone in the group.

Travel Bus Rental

It's easier than you think to get started. Church groups, schools, and more use this site regularly in search of better deals and exclusive opportunities, and all you need for an informed choice is a good idea of what you want.

Whether you are headed to a cruise transfer or simply want to catch the big game, the right tour bus can save time, money and headaches along the way.