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Coach Bus Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Sign


When selecting your perfect fit among a number of charter bus companies the key is asking the right questions and communicating your group's specific needs. Ensure a stress free and enjoyable trip when you come to an understanding with your bus charter company on the following points.

1. What is the Purpose of Your Trip and the Characteristics of Your Passengers?

Take care to explain to your charter bus company how many people the bus will carry, who the passengers will be and what your expectations are about the special services your group will need. Be honest with yourself, your group and the bus company about the purpose of the trip and the level of comfort the passengers will appreciate and require.

2. What Are the Financial Requirements and the Driver Responsibilities?

Make sure you and the charter bus company understands and agrees about deposits, payment plans and when the final payment is due. Under what conditions can a bus be cancelled? What are the rules about refunds of any deposits or pre-payments?

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Who is responsible for the driver's hotel room and meals? How many hours can the driver operate the bus before a rest period is required, and how long is that rest period? Will more than one driver be included to add travel flexibility, and how will that affect the cost? Clarification of these issues will allow effective planning of drive times and stopovers.

3. What Special Amenities Can the Bus Company Offer?

Discover what video and audio technology is available for viewing movies or tapes and listening to music. Some buses offer internet connections; is this an option? Are audio sightseeing guides available? Teenagers traveling to a sports tournament or on a school trip will have different needs and challenges than a group of sightseeing retirees. Make sure your group gets the constellation of amenities that best meets its needs.

4. Is Price the Only Consideration When Selecting a Bus Company?

The cheapest bus company may be less affordable for your group if driver experience, proper equipment maintenance, regulatory and insurance requirements are ignored. Do your research and make sure the company you are considering meets or exceeds the industry standards.

5. Have You Developed a Reasonable Itinerary for the Trip and the Bus Company?


Carefully plan a reasonable itinerary for the trip and give it to the bus company as far in advance of the trip as possible. The company will then be able to respond and you can work out any discrepancies before the bus door opens.

The Charter Bus America Bus Company Advantage

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