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Charter Bus Company Lead Generation Services

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We offer you the opportunity to capitalize on the immense traffic we get from consumers looking for charter buses to rent. Here's how it works:

1. Users land on our website and fill in the details of their charter bus trip. They provide starting/ending destination, number of passengers, name, phone number, email address and date of trip.

2. If you are buying these charter bus leads from us, then we'll immediately send you the information they have provided to us based on the geographic region of interest to you.

3. After viewing the lead (minus contact information) you can click-to-accept it indicating that you would like the full contact information. We’ll immediately forward that information to you.

4. Each month we'll charge your credit card for the number of charter bus leads you have accepted. That's it!

*You can purchase leads on an exclusive basis to prevent any of your competitors from also buying leads.

With the cost-per-click rate on Google, Bing and Yahoo keywords being so expensive for this industry, the Charter Bus America Lead Generation service is the least expensive way to get qualified charter bus leads.

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