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Charter Bus Rentals

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Charter Bus Prices for Your Next Trip


These days, the best charter bus prices have become easier to find than ever before. Here at Charter Bus America, you can quickly zoom in on the kind of pricing plans that meet your needs and budget, no matter what the size of your group or its projected itinerary. All you need is some basic information for our intuitive quote engine.

It is a simple method that has nonetheless changed everything about the way religious organizations, clubs, sports teams and professional groups secure transportation on the Web. Instead of spending countless hours calling or emailing your trip itinerary to several charter bus companies you can simply enter your itinerary once and let Charter Bus America do the rest.

Charter bus prices are based on a number of different items. First, think about the number of passengers that you have and how many days and nights you will need the charter bus for.

Typical bus sizes include:

  • Mini Bus 18 - 39 passengers (and sometimes even 35 bus passengers)
  • Coach Bus 49 – 56 passengers (and sometimes even 61 bus passengers)
  • Limo Bus 16 – 40 passengers
  • Passenger Van 16 passengers
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  • Limos 6 – 18 passengers
  • Sedans 2 – 4 passengers

Next, you will want to think about the various aspects of your charter bus trip and your itinerary. Some other things to consider are:

  • What are the pick-up and return dates?
  • Roundtrip or one-way?
  • Will you need use of the charter bus at the event?
  • Any special needs?

Charter Bus Companies and Bus Travel Advantages

The advantages to traveling via bus are manifold, but most people cite improved comfort and greatly diminished cost up front. When you rent a bus, your entire organization stays together for the duration of the trip, enjoying everything from easy conversation to the optional DVD players many services now provide. There is no better way to get from A to B as a cogent whole.

Charter Bus Company Prices Delivered to You


Whether you're in search of a single bus for a day or something closer to a caravan for a significant time period, we can help you make a better choice. All you need to do to get started is complete our itinerary request form and we’ll do the rest of the searching for you.