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Bus Travel Options • Why Bus Travel is Smart


The problem with most bus charter companies has traditionally been that they tend to drag their heels when it comes time to nail down a price. That's why a number of travel services often needed days to get a clear answer--the turnaround time alone could stretch well into a second week.

The best charter bus services tend to distinguish themselves with sterling service records and outstanding amenities. If you've ever taken a charter bus in the past, you may have noticed how important small details such as lumbar support, clean cabins and onboard video can be.

Fortunately, the Web has finally put their feet to the fire, and today more companies are providing instant quotes to keep up with the competition.

Bus Rental and Bus Transportation May be the Way to Go!

If you've been looking for a clearinghouse on the Web where you can mix, match and compare rates from all the major carriers, you'll be thrilled with what you find here.


Charter Bus America is committed to giving schools, sports teams, businesspeople and other groups the tools they need for a quick overview of the market.

A few keystrokes later you may discover just how easy it is to make a side-by-side and informed decision.

Charter buses are good for countless events, from artistic retreats to field trips and more. The nice thing about traveling this way is that the entire group stays cohesive and in sight of itself throughout - a boon if community feel is what you're after.

All the companies here at Charter Bus America provide safe and experienced drivers so your gang never has to worry about a thing.

Bus for Rent for Bus Transportation


Your organization may thank you. Good charter buses make every hour of travel far more comfortable and humane, affording passengers the chance to stretch their legs, commingle and even visit the restroom.

Religious retreats and far-flung competitions may suddenly feel like they're taking place around the block rather than across the state line.

Still have questions? Let us know! Otherwise you can start the process immediately by heading over to our quote engine and seeing what's available.