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Coach Bus for Group Travel in Gainesville • Coach Bus Travel Gainesville

Lafayette Blue Springs State Park (Lafayette County,FL) by systemslibrarian , on Flickr

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Home to the largest and oldest university in the state, Gainesville, FL is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. But the city has a lot more to offer aside from the University of Florida.

If you want to experience arts and culture, do thrilling outdoor activities, watch exciting sports games, do some shopping or visit nearby towns, then Gainesville will not disappoint.

There’s no better way to experience all of this than riding in a coach bus found through the services of Charter Bus America.

Charter Bus America can assist the Gainesville traveler with finding coach buses that are safe, reliable and worry-free. With many coach bus options for group travel, your group will surely have the time of your lives as you navigate the roads of Gainesville.

Aside from tour groups, coach buses have served a long list of repeat clients including:

  • Corporations and small businesses
  • Wedding entourage and guests
  • Church groups
  • Clubs
  • Seniors
  • Schools/colleges/universities
  • Sports teams
  • Families (for reunions)
  • Party guests

Forget your worries; let Charter Bus America help introduce you to many coach bus providers in Gainesville who are more than happy to provide you with coach bus package options that will surely fit your budget and needs.

What’s more, we provide our customers with a “no-obligations” quote for free – right from this website!

Coach Buses for Gainesville Attractions • Coach Bus Travel Stops

Potato rock in Turlington Plaza by Random McRandomhead, on Flickr

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Are you a group of nature-lovers or are you interested in culture and the arts? Outdoor enthusiasts will have a blast while exploring Gainesville’s attractions in coach buses.

While travelling in and around Gainesville, feast your eyes on rolling hills, lakes, upland forests, prairies and other breathtaking landscapes.

For art lovers, your coach bus can take you to places like:

  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
  • Hippodrome Theatre
  • School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Florida

Your own tour bus provides you the freedom to plan your travel stops so you can maximize your time in Gainesville. Hop from one destination to another with ease and comfort while riding your own tour bus.

Tour Bus Routes to Neighboring Towns • Gainesville Coach Buses

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Choose from among our reliable tour bus providers for your next trip to Gainesville, FL and its neighboring towns. Tour buses come in all shapes, sizes and models to accommodate small or large groups.

Do you want a tour bus for less than 20 people or one that has large storage capacity for luggage? You may even want a tour bus with amenities like the standard air-conditioning, on-board TV and DVD. We have it all!

Call Charter Bus America at 866-799-0143 now for your free quote and visit Gainesville, FL!