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Charter Bus Rentals Gainesville FL • Group Charter Bus Rentals Gainesville

Bamboo Thicket Kanapaha Gardens by cdsessums, on Flickr

© by cdsessums on flickr

Gainesville, FL has become one of the most sought-after destination spots for weary travellers who are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Aside from being the home of the University of Florida, which is the largest and oldest university in the state, there are a lot more reasons to visit Gainesville aboard charter bus rentals.

Anytime of the year, charter bus rentals can bring your group to Gainesville to enjoy its many sights and sounds that are sure to thrill you. There’s something for everyone in Gainesville.

For instance, history is preserved and the arts are alive in a city with several theatres and museums. Nature lovers will have a blast with bus travel through breathtaking landscapes, parks and lakes.

While enjoying these interesting places, tourists can grab a bite in the city’s many restaurants and bars, which are popular to locals and tourists alike.

Charter Bus Travel for Gainesville Attractions • Gainesville Bus Travel

Perched on the Railing by spakattacks, on Flickr

© by spakattacks on flickr

For those interested in culture and the arts, charter bus travel services will include visits to:

  • Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
  • Hippodrome Theatre
  • School of Theatre and Dance at the University of Florida
  • Gainesville Community Playhouse

The Florida Museum is the largest museum in the southeast where more than 20 million specimens are displayed while the Samuel P. Harn Museum showcases African, Asian, and contemporary art and photography.

Tourists will be treated to a taste of Broadway at the Hippodrome Theatre where musicals, comedies and dramas are presented. You can also catch performances in the city’s oldest community theatre, the Gainesville Community Playhouse.

If your charter bus rental group wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Gainesville, charter bus travel to these tourist spots are a must:

  • Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
  • Butterfly Rainforest (inside the Florida Museum of Natural History)
  • Dudley Farm Historic State Park
  • Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
  • University of Florida Bat House
The Hippodrome by M.Markus, on Flickr

© by M.Markus on flickr

When in Gainesville, a visit to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a must with its variety of uncommon and unfamiliar plant species. Then head off to Dudley Farm Historic State Park to experience what it’s like to live in the city before it was industrialized.

Tourists are also raving about Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park where you can hike, bike or just enjoy the great outdoors amidst magnificent scenery and in the company of beautiful birds, deer, bison, wild horses, and gators.

To satisfy your cravings for good food, charter bus travel to Gainesville’s restaurants, serving the best of Asian, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexican, and local cuisine.

If you want to have a taste of fine dining in an intimate setting, there’s Manuel’s Vintage Room. Don’t forget Chopstix Café, which serves pan-Asian cuisine and sushi that’s popular to tourists and university students.

Bus Travel Options for Gainesville • Charter Bus Rental Services in Gainesville

Charter bus travel through Gainesville’s many attractions and your group will surely have memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Whatever your interests are Gainesville, GA will not disappoint you and charter bus rentals will take you there in style and comfort.