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Shuttle Bus Service for Washington DC • Avoid Washington DC Traffic and Parking

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Are you on your way to Washington DC for a holiday with your family and friends? Or are you on a business trip with colleagues? You bought your tickets, you are all packed and you have booked your accommodations.

What about your transportation to and from the airport?

If you are using the Dulles International Airport, do you know that it takes at least 40 minutes to get to and from downtown Washington DC? What about the traffic and parking? Washington DC’s traffic is often congested and parking fees at the airport are exorbitant.

The best way to get around this is to hire a shuttle bus service for your transportation needs.

A shuttle bus can pick you up anywhere and drive your group to and from the airport with comfort and ease. You will be saved from a lot of stress and headaches when you have a shuttle bus service take you to the airport, to the hotel or to your business location.

Charter Bus America is good news to the Washington DC traveler. By providing a quick and easy online service, your group can find the best shuttle bus service that fits your budget and needs.

With just a click of a few buttons, you can request a no-obligations quote from any of our shuttle bus providers in the Washington DC area.

Airport Shuttle Service for the Washington DC Traveler • Airport Transfer

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For less hassle, schedule your airport shuttle service way ahead of your scheduled flights to be able to take advantage of the fixed cost of a shuttle bus to and from the airport.

Admittedly, a big group requires a number of taxis for transportation and that’s a lot more money when compared to the fixed cost of renting a shuttle bus service.

If you are not familiar with the process of booking a shuttle bus service, don’t be intimidated. Here are the most common items you need to talk about when speaking to a shuttle bus provider:

  • The specific times that the shuttle bus goes to the airport
  • The availability of the airport shuttle bus ( very early or late in the day)
  • The waiting time before the shuttle bus picks up the group at the airport

Shuttle Service in Washington DC • Shuttle Bus Options and Benefits

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There are many benefits of having an airport shuttle service and it is very helpful for the Washington traveler. Aside from affordability, other benefits of an airport shuttle service include:

  • Dependability
  • On-time service
  • Comfortable and air-conditioned
  • Plenty of room for luggage
  • Fixed rate pricing

Avoid the hassle of finding transportation to and from the airport. Request a free shuttle bus service quote today from Charter Bus America for your Washington DC travel!