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Limo Service for Special Events and Occasions in Chicago

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If you are looking for a comfortable and elegant way to get around Chicago, a limousine is definitely your transportation of choice.

Limo services used to be only for famous celebrities and big time executives.

But today, limousine rentals are available for special events and occasions or for practically anyone who wants a bit of that first-class treatment. In fact, limo services are not only accessible, but are also made affordable for locals and tourists alike in Chicago.

Limousine services can make anyone in Chicago feel like a VIP with special amenities:

  • Champagne and roses - a popular pick for newlywed couples
  • Magazines, newspapers, and their drink of choice -for corporate guests
  • Balloons, banners, flowers, and drinks -ideal for any celebration

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your next event, Charter Bus America can help you find the limousine rental service in Chicago that suits your taste and needs. Simply request a free no-obligation quote right from this website.

Limousine Rental for Carefree and Elegant Travel in Chicago

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Limousine rentals are popularly used for weddings and corporate events in Chicago. Companies book limousine services for visiting corporate clients and partners, to forge better working relationships.

Meanwhile, couples book limo services to add luxury and glamour to any wedding day in an instant. In both cases, limo services do one thing: help make a lasting impression.

Surprisingly, in past years, limo services have also become popular for teenagers in Chicago. More and more parents are choosing limo rentals to make prom nights more special for their teens.

Consider getting a limo rental service for:

  • Business such as conferences, seminars, conventions, social events, even meetings
  • Celebrations such as weddings, prom night, victory parties
  • Leisure such as Chicago city tours, theater events, or special dinners

Limos Available in Chicago • Avoid Traffic and Parking with Limo Services

Trip In A Reston Limo by ShashiBellamkonda, on Flickr

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Limo rentals come free of any traffic and parking hassles. If the beauty of Chicago is not enough, the variety of amenities inside limos can keep any traveler entertained during a trip.

Many limos can accommodate up to 20 passengers at a time. Plus, stereo systems, TVs, DVDs, sunroofs, and even hot tubs, can fit inside a limo – depending on which one you choose.

A selection of limos is available:

  • SUV limousines
  • Hummer limousines
  • Stretch limousines
  • Luxury sedans
  • Lincoln limousines

For your transportation needs in Chicago, get a limo service for a comfortable, elegant and worry-free ride. Call Charter Bus America at 866-799-0143 for a free quote today!