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Coach Bus for Group Travel in Texas • Coach Bus Travel Texas


Texas is the Lone Star State and is rich with history, culture, arts, sports, and more.A coach bus is a great way to transport a group of people to an area attraction or event, to a city museum for a school field trip, or to attend that sporting event your group has been waiting for all year.

From Texas tour bus outings to a coach bus for transporting corporate executive to a management retreat, coach bus rentals are the efficient and affordable choice for group transportation.

Coach Bus Amenities for the Texas Group Travelers • Coach Bus Routes

A coach bus rental can often provide optional DVD players, and some may even offer wireless Internet access.

Coach buses can typically carry luggage for long excursions.

Traveling to Texas on your coach bus can take so many different routes.

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If you are coming from the West or the East, then Interstate-40, 20, 10, and 30 are probably the best choice. From the North, try Interstate-27 and 35.

There are State Highways and U.S. Highways that may or may not travel along the same paths as the Interstates. Sometimes the State or U.S. Highways are listed as an Interstate at the same time.

Some tour bus groups prefer to take their time and see all of the sights that they can schedule. Other coach bus groups want to get to their destination fast.

Reserve your coach bus today and map out your tour bus route. Whether you travel fast or slow, enjoy the time watching for interesting spots out the window instead of watching the traffic around you.

Coach Buses for Texas Events • Coach Bus Travel Stops


If you are reserving coach buses for a tour group, do you have your attractions list ready to plot? Do you know what places your tour bus members want to see? Take a survey of tour members and see who wants to go to where and for how long.

Here are some top events within the state of Texas that coach buses love to cater to.

Texas is home to multiple professional sports teams and hosts all of the “Big Four” leagues. For the National Football League, Texas has the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans.

For Major League Baseball, Texas is home to the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros. National Basketball Association fans can cheer on the Houston Rockets, the Dallas Mavericks, and the San Antonio Spurs. For the National Hockey League, the Dallas Stars are home in Texas.

There is more to Texas than its sports teams.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is touted as the largest rodeo in the world. This begins each year with trail rides from different points around the state ending up in Houston. It is fun for the whole group and coach buses makes it easy to get your there.

Tour Bus Benefits in Texas • Tour Bus Options for Group Transportation


Coach buses are available in different sizes that can accommodate small groups for a tour bus outing or a large group where several coach buses are required for transportation.

Choosing a tour bus rental to explore Texas is perfect for out-of-town guests as well as organization-sponsored outings. A big benefit of your tour bus is that you can schedule stops at attractions, restaurants along the way, and request that your tour bus be available at festivals, theaters, or sporting events.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to towns and cities to visit while on your tour bus in the Lone Star State.Start planning your trip now by requesting a free coach bus rental quote right from this site. Once your tour bus is reserved…you can start packing!