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Charter Bus Rentals Tucson AZ • Group Charter Bus Rentals Tucson

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Tucson, AZ is referred to as “The Old Pueblo”, is the home of the University of Arizona. It is surrounded by 5 mountains namely, The Tucson, Santa Catalina, Santa Rita, Tortolita and Rincon mountain ranges.Tucson is considered the sunniest city in all of the United States.

Charter bus rentals have drop off points to great destinations for charter bus travel within Tucson city. With group charter bus rentals, you will never have a hard time deciding what major attractions in the area to visit.

Charter bus travel offers the luxury of traveling hassle-free, with a bathroom and comfortable passenger seats. Charter bus travel will surely be relaxed enough to enjoy every minute of the ride.

For some great ideas, visit our fun things to do in Arizona list today!

Charter Bus Travel • Visit Tucson Attractions • Tucson Bus Travel

As it is sunny all the time in Tucson, anyone can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities apart from the scenic views of the great mountains surrounding it.

Some of the ideal places to visit would include,Biosphere 2 which claims to have the world’s most unique facilities. Its main function is for research and understanding of global scientific issues.This is great for educational field trips as well.

Biosphere 2 by DrStarbuck, on Flickr

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Whoever heard of skiing in the desert? 30 miles up and away from Tucson, you will end up in Aspen and in a ponderosa pine forest with its 30 degree temperature which is cooler than the city. Mt. Lemmon offers skiing in the winter where skyrides are offered on the lifts when the snow melts down.

International Wildlife Museum is yet another fascinating place to be. With over 400 species of insects, birds and mammals from all around the globe, depicted in realistic natural settings, it will surely fascinate onlookers.

What is a good trip without good place to eat? Trying new cuisines is always part of the fun with traveling.

Discovering new flavors of what you thought is a simple appetizer and entrée, Guadalajara Original Grill provides a great fiesta platter for appetizer, a shrimp scampi salad that is oozing with flavor, and the captain’s skillet that is the delight of seafood lovers.

Large groups of tourists will also adore the Chef Alisah’s Restaurant where they serve Cevapi – Bosnian Style sausages, homemade Bosnian ground beef sausages with fresh onions and homemade fresh bread on the side.You will come out of this restaurant with the thought of when you will be coming back for more.

Bus Travel Options for Tucson • Charter Bus Rental Services Tucson


As great as the destinations are, charter bus travel options for Tucson, AZ offer memorable rides. With your charter bus rental services, any large group planning to visit the wondrous attractions of Tucson will surely enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

For more information you can also visit Tucson’s visitor bureau website. For all your charter bus rental needs, just click on request a quote, and you will be on your way to planning your next charter bus travel trip!