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Downtown Buffalo, New York by Ken Lund, on flickr

Charter Bus Rentals Schenectady NY * Group Charter Bus Rentals Schenectady


20150830 28 Schenectady, New York by David Wilson, on Flickr

If you are planning a first-time destination trip to the Upstate city of Schenectady you are about to experience a worthy surprise! This is a city rich in culture with unique foods, interesting history, great skiing and snowboarding, and shopping. And visiting the near-downtown area called “The Electric City” is a must!

To make your trip enjoyable for everyone we encourage you to consider charter bus travel to take in all that the city has to offer using worry-free transportation including:

  • An experienced driver with great navigation skills and knowledge of the city
  • Wonderful amenities onboard
  • Affordable rates
  • A broad range of sizes and types of buses to accommodate your group
  • Integration of unscheduled stops or special requests by the group
  • The advantage of keeping your group together

If you are ready to learn more about this convenient form of sightseeing and the various rates, you can request a free rental quotation from top rental transportation companies by using the dedicated quote engine on this website.

Charter Bus Travel to Schenectady Attractions * Schenectady Bus Travel


Stockade District - Schenectady, New York by Doug Kerr, on Flickr

No matter how diverse the interests of your group, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the city! These are a few of the many attractions worthy of visiting with your charter bus rentals group:

  • Strolling or biking through stunning Central Park Rose Garden
  • Proctor’s Theatre – one of Upstate’s greatest live entertainment venues
  • Enjoying one of the greatest cheese steak sandwiches at Morette’s
  • Visiting the city’s oldest neighborhood – The Stockade
  • Museum of Innovation and Science
  • Mountain Ridge Adventure for zipline and aerial adventures

And a visit to Maple Ski Ridge is beautiful and exciting all year-long! With our service you can simply tap into our dedicated online automated quoting system to compare pricing and types of buses from the top transportation companies quickly and conveniently! Try it today!

Bus Travel Options for Schenectady * Charter Bus Rental Services Schenectady


Central Park - Schenectady, New York by Doug Kerr, on Flickr

Charter bus rentals with an experienced driver that knows the area well and is capable of navigating through traffic with ease is one of the highest sought-after benefits by sightseeing tour groups and families.

We have a quick and efficient method of connecting your with top charter transportation companies for comparison pricing and choices of buses. Rather than spending hours on the telephone or searching the internet you can simply tap into our dedicated online automated quoting system on this website to review your options, such as:

  • Types of onboard amenities
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • An overview of the market
  • Comparative rates
  • Types and sizes of equipment to best suit your group

Charter Bus America makes your transportation planning easy and efficient. If you need more information you can also call us today at 866-799-0143.