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Downtown Newark, NJ by Paul Sableman, on Flickr

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Charter Bus Rentals Newark NJ • Group Charter Bus Rentals Newark

Wars of America, Military Park, Newark by Ted Kerwin, on Flickr

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When you need to rent a charter bus in Newark, NJ, come to us at Charter Bus America. We provide a wide range of charter bus rentals, offering pleasant charter bus travel. Whether you need a single charter bus rental or group charter bus rentals for charter bus travel, you can get the same with us in Newark at affordable prices.

Charter bus rentals enable you to drive safe to your desired destination in and around Newark. Nowadays, charter bus rentals are considered to be a secure means of travelling to, from and within Newark. When you rent charter buses, you can enjoy charter bus travel to various locations in Newark.

Our charter bus rentals are known for their comfort and design. Scheduling your bus travel, we provide:

  • Charter bus rentals for family outings
  • Charter bus rentals for parties
  • Charter bus rentals for weddings
  • Charter bus rentals for athletic events
  • Charter bus rentals for church retreats

Charter Bus Travel to Newark Attractions • Newark Bus Travel

New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) by Ken Lund, on Flickr

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Charter bus rentals make a cost-effective option for exploring Newark city. Bus travel companies offer charter bus travel to various Newark attractions, including Branch Brook Park, The New Jersey Historical Society and The Jewish Museum of New Jersey. Thus, charter bus travel enables you to discover Newark hassle-free.

Offering a multitude of charter bus rentals, we deliver comfortable charter bus travel options in Newark. Choosing us for charter bus travel, you can expect the following for yourself:

  • Safe charter bus travel
  • Convenient charter bus travel
  • Comfortable charter bus travel
  • A wide array of charter bus travel options
  • Desired charter bus travel

Bus Travel Options for Newark • Charter Bus Rental Services Newark


Many people in Newark opt for bus travel. Considered to be safe, bus travel is economical as well. Other significant benefits of bus travel include:

  • Bus travel enables you to make better use of your personal time
  • Bus travel is convenient
  • Bus travel is budget-friendly
  • Bus travel causes less harm to the environment
  • Bus travel is secure

To get safe and spacious charter buses for your bus travel, come to us in Newark. We offer instant charter bus quotes, informing you about the required information related to your options, under one roof.

Residents of Newark can call Charter Bus America at 866-799-0143 to rent buses for pleasant bus travel anywhere in or around the city.