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Charter Bus Rentals Bridgeport CT • Group Charter Bus Rentals Bridgeport


Charter bus rentalsfor the Bridgeport communityare a great option for educational field trips and community sponsored bus travel events such as senior outings or group events.Any large group of people headed in the same direction can benefit from charter bus rentals. No more headaches of making carpool arrangements!

Bridgeport has a strong history for the American worker. Established in 1836, Bridgeport, Connecticut relied heavily on fishing and farming until the industrialization of the late 19th century took hold. And take hold it did, with over 500 factories by the 1930's.

Bridgeport workers are credited with being the first to move to an 8 hour workday. The 8 hour workday was so successful in Bridgeport that it starting spreading to other cities and states almost immediately.

Although Bridgeport has gone through a hard deindustrialization, as have many industry driven cities in the last 40 years, many revitalization projects are underway and being implemented.

Charter Bus Travel to Bridgeport Attractions • Bridgeport Bus Travel


Charter bus travel in and around Bridgeport offers many local events and attractions for the tourist as well as the residents of the city. Here are some excellent choices for your charter bus travel group.

Downtown Cabaret Theatre and the Klein Memorial Auditorium host several live shows, concerts, and performing art shows throughout the year, and is definitely the place for you if you fancy theater or the symphony.

The Beardsley Zoo is fun for the whole family, with a South American rainforest exhibit, and the proud home of many endangered animals. Here you’ll see everything from the cute and furry, to massive animals reminiscent of the dinosaurs of eras long since past. A great choice if your charter bus travel group includes children.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium, is a great hands-on interactive museum experience for all ages. With over sixty-five exhibit areas that feature all types of science, technology and ideas, children and parents alike will be engrossed for hours exploring all there is to be seen here.

The Barnum Museum was founded in 1893 and has helped to showcase early Bridgeport history both industrial and social. After being hit hard by a tornado in 2010, the museum has just reopened and is proud to serve the public once again.

The Tongue Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1894 and on March 1st 1895, the sixth-order Fresnel lens was lit for the first time. While this lighthouse is not accessible to the public, there are ferry tours that can be taken to get a better look at this historical landmark.

Bus Travel Options for Bridgeport • Charter Bus Rental Services Bridgeport


Charter bus travel routes include I-95, which is the easiest way in and out of Bridgeport and leads East-West. However if you are looking to enter or exit from the North-South, Hwy 25 or Hwy 8 are your best bet.

Another Charter bus travel option is to arrange for meal stops. With lots to choose from, your charter bus group won’t go hungry!

Bridgeport is home to the first Subway restaurant, but this doesn’t mean that you are stuck with fast food if you aren’t in the mood for it. You’ll find cuisine of many different exotic types such as Peruvian, Brazilian, Jamaican, as well as the favorites like Italian, Mexican, and Chinese.

Get started now on your next group outing. Request a free charter bus rentals quote right from this page. Your group will be happy you did!