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Charter Bus Rentals Baltimore MD • Group Charter Bus Rentals Baltimore


Baltimore, named after Lord Baltimore of the Irish House of Lords, was settled in the early 17th century. It has grown to be the largest city in Maryland by far. A key city in the war of 1812, Baltimore was the city that Francis Scott Key looked out over when he was penning the words to our national anthem.

For group travels in and around Baltimore, charter bus rentals may be the perfect mode of transportation. Charter bus rentals are the best way for keeping your group together and headed in the right direction!

Take the worry out of confusing directions when your group attending a corporate conference, seminar or management retreat; charter bus travel eliminates the headache of carpool arrangements or wondering who will get lost!

Charter Bus Travel to Baltimore Attractions • Baltimore Bus Travel

Charter bus travel in and around Baltimore is a great option for school field trips and community sponsored bus travel events, and sports team transportation along the East Coast. Consider planning a charter bus travel destination to any one of the areas local attractions.


Fort McHenry is where American troops successfully defended their beloved Baltimore back in the war of 1812, and is a must see for anyone interested in early American history.

The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum is committed solely to the study and preservation of African American history. Come and see a 1200 square foot facility with hundreds of exhibits dedicated to promoting awareness of African American history in our community.

The Maryland Science Center was founded in 1797, and it showcases a state of the art 3D IMAX Theater system, as well as three levels of to interactive science exhibits. You can rest assured that no child will be able to pull themselves away from the wonder and amazement that surrounds the Maryland Science Center.

The National Aquarium was created when separate aquariums in Baltimore and Washington DC were merged. The National Aquarium now holds over 16,000 animals from more than 660 species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, all living in award-winning naturalistic habitats. This is a must see for those looking to experience the wonder of the animal kingdom.

You can join Baltimore’s professional sports enthusiasts as they cheer for the Baltimore Ravens, their NFL football team, and the Baltimore Orioles, their MLB baseball team.

Bus Travel Options for Baltimore • Charter Bus Rental Services Baltimore


Be sure to plan ahead for your bus travel stops for your group to enjoy a great meal at any one of the local Baltimore restaurants.

One of the foods that Baltimore is most famous for is steamed crab, although other local specialties are a treat as well. Baltimore Lake Trout is very popular, and their Pit Beef Sandwich is said to be heavenly.

Baltimore’s local Lexington Market is a great place to find fresh seafood for purchase if you‘d like to prepare your own. And Canton Square offers a diverse selection of restaurants to please any palate.

Get started on planning your next charter bus travel for your group event, and request a free charter bus rentals quote right directly from this website.