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Charter a Bus in North Carolina • Benefits of Charter Bus Rentals

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When you charter a bus for North Carolina group travel events, you will find that it is the best and most efficient way to transport your group to your destination. You won’t need to be concerned about sending out travel directions to multiple people, or wondering if someone will get lost!

Skip the carpool arrangements, and charter a bus with Charter Bus America’s online quote system.

North Carolina is a state both rich in natural beauty and diversity, as well as progress in modern technology and conveniences. You can charter a bus for corporate events, school functions or community groups. There is so much to see and do on a bus trip through North Carolina!

With three distinct regions, there is a climate for everyone. In the east, you’ll find the coastal plains with beautiful beaches and gorgeous blue waters.

Centrally, you’ll find the piedmont of rolling farmlands and bustling cities boasting cutting-edge technology research, colleges, and Southern charm. To the west, you’ll find the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Bus Trip to North Carolina Attractions

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Mount Airy is a town that has been created to take you back in time and experience the fascination of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Filled with fun sights and sounds, come and join in your own personal time-travel back to the 1960s.

The Lost Colony on Roanoke Island dates back to 1587 when the first 120 men and women established the first English colony in the new Americas. After just two years, the entire colony vanished, leaving behind only the word “Croatoan”, carved into a wooden post. What happened remains a mystery to this day.

Pisgah National Forest is located in the Western side of North Carolina, and is simply a must see for visitors. All types of hikes and trails are available for those ambitious enough to venture them, and lakes, streams, and rivers abound for those who are looking more for relaxation.

College Sports are huge in North Carolina, and they boast some of the most respected names in the conference. Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Wake Forrest are just some of the great rivalries that can entertain you.

Professional Sports are represented in North Carolina by both the Carolina Panthers NFL team, and the NBA Bobcats. Carolina is also home to an NHL team, the Hurricanes.

Kitty Hawk, the birthplace of flight: Don’t leave North Carolina without at least checking out where the Wright Brothers made their historical launch. Experience getting to see the original location where the first flight by a powered aircraft.

Bus Trip and Charter Bus Pricing

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Charter bus companies use hours, overnight stays, mileage, and other bus trip details to create a rental bus quote when you charter a bus in North Carolina. Here are some examples of some standard or typical bus trippricing for the rental bus trip:

  • Hourly Rate = $75 (usually a 5 hour minimum)
  • Day Rate = $900?Live Mileage Rate = $3.00 (with passengers onboard)
  • Dead Mileage Rate = $1.25 (no passengers onboard)

There are other rental bus trip factors to consider as well when you charter a bus. For example, a rental bus driver may only be on the road for 10 hours at a time before requiring at least 8 hours of off-duty time. This means that for long bus trip beyond North Carolina, a relief rental bus driver may be necessary. If a relieve bus trip driver is required, an additional $300 charge is typical.

Rental Bus Amenities for the North Carolina Charter Bus Traveler

The top benefit when you charter a bus for your community, school or corporate function, is the ability to travel together. A rental bus offers a comfortable and easy environment where your group can chat about the events of the day or the upcoming event.

Request a free rental bus quote directly from this page. Keep your group together and charter a bus today!