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Coach Bus for Group Travel in Birmingham AL • Coach Bus Travel Birmingham


Choosing a coach bus to explore Birmingham is perfect for out-of-town guests or a special occasion for community-sponsored events.

Coach bus travel keeps your group together where they can enjoy the journey in comfort.

Coach buses provide transportation for corporate conferences, educational bus tours, or to take your group to that special sporting event.

Request your free quote for a coach tour bus today and enjoy all that Birmingham has to offer!

Coach Buses for Birmingham Attractions • Coach Bus Travel Stops

Birmingham, named after England’s huge industrial city, is actually a relatively young town as far as towns go. Founded in 1871, it was originally known for its iron and steel.


It grew into American version of its English counterpart, as well as becoming one of the top 5 banking cites in the nation.

Alabama Men’s Hall of Fame is the place to be if you are interested in seeing men from the area that have made significant contributions at a state, national, or international level in their professional fields of expertise.

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is a great tribute to all the great jazz artists with ties to the state of Alabama.

If you love Jazz music, or if you are interested in some historical figures related to its foundation, you don’t want to miss the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame.

Do motorsports interest you? How about race motorcycles and cars? If you answered yes to any of the above, then schedule your coach buses to stop at theBarberMuseum. In addition to over 1200 vintage and modern motorcycles and race cars, you can also see a world-class 2.38 mile racetrack.

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Birmingham Museum of Art is a must see on your coach bus tour. It houses over 24,000 objects and pieces of art that represent a rich panorama of cultures, including Asian, European, American, African, Pre-Columbian, and Native American.

Founded in 1951, Birmingham Museum of Art is one of the finest exhibits of art found nationwide, and is a favorite coach bus tour stop.

Are the kids clamoring to see some animals on your coach bus tour? The Birmingham Zoo is the place to visit. Founded in 1955, the Birmingham Zoo is a leader in elephant conservation, and proudly offers an incredible exhibit entitled “the Trails of Africa”.

Birmingham is home to some unique eateries that help distinguish it from other cities. From delicious Greek fast food at the Purple Onion, to Dreamland BBQ, to higher end restaurants like Bottega and Little Savannah, it’s impossible to not find a restaurant that will please your palate in the streets of Birmingham.

Tour Bus Benefits in Birmingham • Tour Bus Group

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Your tour bus will typically have large luggage compartments beneath the coach bus to accommodate personal items of the passengers. Coach buses can provide you with many options for group travel to a specific destination or as a tour bus to take your group on a sightseeing adventure.

Get started today by requesting a free quote for coach buses in the Birmingham area. You will find a tour bus ready, willing and able to show your group a great time!